Sunday, 20 April 2014

Four Seasons Langkawi Paradise.

The past couple of weeks I've been in paradise, to be precise the Four Seasons Langkawi. As soon as I got my job contract with my holiday on it Lu and I got on the internet and got searching for a holiday a month later we were here...

1.5km of white and wide sand beach with no one but us on it. 

The flight was just over 12 hours to Singapore and then around one hour to Langkawi we arrive at around 11 in the morning wriggled out of our plane clothes and into bikinis and headed straight out to explore the massive resort.

The hotel has 91 rooms over a ridiculous acreage and the staff vastly outnumber the guests. We found our way to the quiet pool where we got our own cabana (god forbid you actually see another guest out the corner of your eye) and settled down for the day with all the essentials...

and took a dip in the really busy pool...

When we booked we thought 'just think of the instagrams,' a first world thought if ever there's been one! So of course we got to work on selfies and instagrams galore! The hotel accommodate to this thought well as there is wifi everywhere, so you can keep all your friends up to date on your holiday tan.

Water, fresh coconuts and fruit is brought round to you so there really is no need to move.  

On the way back to the room Lu took a dip, they do have a bit of a jellyfish problem, but Lu didn't encounter any of the little blighters luckily!

We had their most basic room, a lower melaleuca pavilion it was far from basic it was massive and gorgeous I wish this was the level for basic everywhere!  

Basic always comes with two hand basins and a walk in wardrobe right?!

And an outdoor bath...

So now you know how we settled in I'll leave you with this photo of our adventure I'll tell you about tomorrow. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Prawn and Quinoa Salad.

 This was a quick dinner on Sunday that I thought I would share. 

First chop up some tomato about a handful for each person, I was cooking for three. I then added half a red onion and a small bunch of coriander. Mix this up with the juice of half a lime. Leave this to one side the lime juice will reduce the harshness of the red onion.
Then cook some quinoa around 35g per person, rinse it through first under cold water using a sieve. Then add the 1 part quinoa to 5 parts water and cook for around 20 minutes. 

 While the quinoa is cooking, boil two cobs of corn for around 8 minutes and then cut the corn off the cob. I also mashed up an avocado with the juice of a quarter of a lime. 

 When the quinoa is nearly cooked it is time to fry the prawns. I used coconut oil. 

Cook until they are just all pink so as not to overcook them. 

While they cook quickly plate up the rest, quinoa first then tomato salad and corn. then add a dollop of the avocado on top. 

Before adding the prawns to the salad I added a final spritz of lime.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Five Fields, Chelsea.

When looking at places to go for my birthday I headed straight to Tripadvisor and went for the easy option of picking what was currently number 1 on the list. It has also won restaurant of the year in 2013. So when I rang up in January for my birthday in February when I was told that the next available booking was in March I wasn't surprised as the restaurant is also small around 15 tables most of them for two. 

So on wednesday the three bears of Mum, Dad and me headed up to Chelsea to see what a restaurant has to do to be number 1 on Tripadvisor.  

The exterior, interior and tableware are all luxurious without being showy. Just how I like it. 

When we arrived and had ordered our drinks we were given several amuse-bouches while we looked at the menu. 
First up was this tomato, bean and broccoli offering such intense flavours from foods that usually aren't centre stage. 

Next up were three little canape style nibbles. Game and pistachio terrine, pig cheek on something or other and I want to say goats cheese and chutney sandwiched in between pastry.  

The last amuse-bouche was this it was like a mushroom soup which was really unexpected. The flavour was so strong and delicious.  

Along with the amuse-bouches aplenty, the hot bread and salty butter is also in abundance with the olive bread and the buttermilk roll my favourites.  

We decided on the tasting menu and I am so glad we did. 
The first course was a rich salmon cream with yuzu crispy bits (yuzu is a citrus fruit), this was probably my last favourite but only because everything else was so amazing, I still ate it all so it can't have been that bad! 

Next was beef tartare with smoked mayonnaise and onion crumble. This is one of the reasons I wanted to try the tasting menu as I got to try things I never normally would in case I didn't like it. This I loved the onion crumble was amazing. 

We then had what the restaurant called 'dead garden' not the most appealing name but one of my favourtie dishes. This was roasted vegetables with truffle. The flavours were so concentrated and the textures went so well together. 

Next on the menu was foie gras in a gel casing with quince and rum. The gold leaf on the top really lends itself to how decadent the taste of the foie gras is, I ate mine spread on yet another bread roll.

Following on from that we had Orkney scallop with green lentils and kaffir lime sauce. Probably the best scallop of my life. Perfectly cooked and it was huge!

We then had Scottish langoustine with chorizo and butternut squash again really meaty shellfish that was just went so well with the chorizo. 

Next pulled pork with dumplings, all the flavours in every course was so intense and this was no exception. 

Then we moved onto the 'main course' I chose the cod with broccoli, shellfish and blood orange.

The other option was loin and breast of lamb with potato, rhubarb and olive. 

We then had a kind of palate cleanser of pina colada, pineapple granita with a coconut cream and foam. I liked this even though I am not keen on actual pina coladas!    

For dessert we had pea and coconut ice cream with chocolate soil and coconut sorbet. This sounds weird but it really works as it isn't too sweet and after all those rich courses I think that is really important. 

Petit fours were then bought out consisting of lollipops and sherbet, chocolate, nougat, sweets and marshmallows.

I then had a macchiato to finish a wonderful meal, maybe the best I've had!  
Service here is also impeccable there are a lot of staff for the size of the restaurant and everyone knows their stuff without patronising.

Find The Five Fields at 8/9 Blacklands Terrace, London, SW3 2SP. Just off the Kings Road. 
The Tasting menu is £75 while three courses is £50.